What is BPM and why you need it?

BPM stands for Business Process Management at the core of BPM is a process or workflow. This is a series of steps or activities that people or systems perform according to a logical path in order to achieve a goal.

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Every business each day executes dozens hundreds and even thousands of processes but not all these processes are efficient. Early workflow software focused mainly on enabling users to map out such processes in a visual manner and execute them in order to achieve automation with the goal of improving efficiency.

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The BPM has grown since then. Today BPM suites include many more capabilities beyond just workflow. Intelligent business process management suites (iBPMS) combine business process management (BPM) software with additional capabilities such as artificial intelligence (AI). These include features such as end-user portals, integration, analytics and mobility.

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At the top of this field iBPMS enable IT and business teams to collaborate on end-to-end business process applications that can transform their business.

  • Intelligence and support for industry and organizational specific processes
  • A greater level of collaboration throughout the process, which encourages a wider adoption across organizational departments and can lead to a higher level of change and improvement within current processes
  • Support for integration to various middleware and back-end technologies, providing organizations with the capability to go to market quickly with new offerings

Let’s take a look at an example of an intelligent BPM application. A company called EnergyServices provides solar panels electricity systems and other pure energies to homes and businesses nationwide.

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EnergyServices wanted to transform its customer services worldwide so that customers would be served quicker, better and have access to self-service options. EnergyServices chose an iBPMS to build and run this solution. The iBPMS enables to design and model its customer service processes in a visual workflow editor. A self-service portal enables EnergyServices customers to initiate requests online and monitor their statuses, until completion keeping them up to date every step of the way.

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Big data analytics helps companies or public administrations to understand EnergyServicess agents can easily track and manage their service tasks within the same portal. EnergyServices field agents have access to a mobile sized version of the portal on their smartphones and tablets which enabling them to locate customers using GPS, prepared with the right equipment and report on their progress. Intelligent analytics dashboards give managers an easy way to view service ticket status and monitor the performance of each team. The application integrates with EnergyServices CRM system making it part of a larger company eco system and ensuring that CRM data like account information and SLA s are integrated within the service process.

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When EnergyServices needs to modify its application the system is flexible enough to enable quick controlled changes to live processes. This helps EnergyServices stay ahead of its competition and deliver the best customer service in its industry. Using an intelligent BPM Suite EnergyServices has achieved a true business transformation which is what BPM is really about changing your business for the better.

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