What is Deep learning? Ever wondered how google translates an entire webpage to a different language in a matter of seconds or your phone gallery groups images based on their location all of this is a product of deep learning. How deep learning works Deep learning is a type of machine learning in which multi-layered […]

What is Machine learning? We live in a time when development of robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning are in our daily life without noticing it. We can teach machines how to learn, and some machines can learn on their own. Machine learning assumes that a computer recognizes patterns using examples, rather than being programmed […]

What is ETL? ETL stands for extract, transform and load. Most important role in nearly every business operation is data, which to be most usable and valuable you need a way to collect it from miscellaneous sources like source systems, organize it together and centralize it into another area for analysis or operational system for […]

Why does business process matter? It’s important to know how your business is doing now but more importantly how you will perform in the future. Business intelligence matters because when you left your business unsystematized and unorganized, poor business processes can lead to destruction. People can see only one part of a process at the […]

What is Big Data Analytics 90% of the data available in the world today has been created over the last two years. We find ourselves in the age of big data. But what does this mean exactly? Big data analytics is the study of huge amounts of stored data in order to extract behavior patterns. […]

What is Location Intelligence? Location intelligence allows business analysts to make their strategic and optimize position by linking location data created from GPS systems, consumer behaviors, environmental factors, Internet of Things data sources. Dimensional analytics help the public and private category to detect trends and models that relate to specific business needs, making strategic decisions […]

What cloud services do you think will improve your processes and strategies? How can you make your work-life feel less stressful and more balanced? Small and medium-sized business find cloud computing especially beneficial. With reduced upfront and capital costs, a cloud solution can help you to streamline your operations, and make your business better equipped […]

Before starting anything you need a Data Model. Getting a common comprehension of what data is important to the business will be fundamental to the success of the data warehouse. In some cases the organizations themselves don’t have a clear idea about their own data needs. Good communication is absolutely necessary for a successful data […]